Why is it important to file a Personal injury claim ASAP?

Statute of Limitation:


Each state places a time limit on filing a personal injury case after you’ve been injured. The time limit is the statute of limitation for the state that requires the person to file a claim, before a certain amount of time. The accounted time starts once the accident or injury has occurred. If the case is filed after the allotted time given for that particular case, (In our case¬†Massachusetts.) the person claiming the injury or accident¬†will more likely lose their legal right to bring a lawsuit over the incident.

In the state of Massachusetts, (Title 5, Ch. 260, Sec. 2A and 4) the statute of limitation is 3 years.

Once you have been in an accident, and you have sustained an injury, it is extremely important that you first seek the appropriate medical attention. Once your injuries have been diagnosed, the next step is to find an attorney that can represent you to your best interest. When the claim is filed, and you submit a demand letter to an insurance company, you must then negotiate your insurance claim. Working with an attorney allows you to correctly determine what your claim is worth. With a settlement amount in mind, talk with the adjuster to justify what a low offer is pertaining to your case. Once an amount is agreed upon, put the settlement in writing.