If you are a person that currently has a case involving personal injury this article will concern you. Social media plays a huge role in our society. If you are hurt or suffering from a personal injury, it is important that you stay private about your case. This means only talking about your case with your legal representative. Do not post publicly online any information that could mislead someone in anyway. The attorney for the insurance company is looking to make sure you were actually hurt and was suffering in order to be adequately compensated for you injuries, lost wages, including personal pain and suffering.

To further clarify, if you are hurt and are posting pictures of yourself doing regular things, such as physical activities, socializing, running errands, etc. it could look like you’re not suffering and a jury might think you were lying about the extent of your injuries and disability. So lets put it this way, if you are suffering from a back injury as a result of a motor vehicle accident, but at the same time are posting pictures of you playing basketball and posting pictures of you at the gym lifting weights, its going to look like you’re not injured.

Anything you post can be used against you. Today, social media posts are commonly entered as evidence and can be used against you in a court of law.

Think before you post

Some simple don’ts of social media

  • Don’t post about your case (Written posts, or uploaded pictures)
  • Do not talk about your injuries with anyone besides your legal representative
  • Do not talk about your case with the insurance company. Let your attorney deal with them.

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