Case Results

At the law offices of Del De Miranda, we like to hold our accomplishments high. We work hard for our clients so they are able to bounce back from any pain and suffering they have sustained. Not only do we get the results our clients deserve, but we seek the adequate amount of compensation from the responsible parties so it does not happen again. Take a look at some of our achievements below:

$220,000 Motor Vehicle Accident

$180,000 Motor Vehicle Accident

$150,000 Knee fracture / Slip & Fall

175,000 Workers Compensation

$150,000 Back / Neck / Slip & Fall

$120,000 Workers Compensation

$80,000 Motor Vehicle Accident

$18,000 Slip & Fall

$90,000 Workers Compensation

$150,000 Work Place Injury

$220,000 Back / Work Place Injury